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About Me

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Hello. I'm Graham Arnold, the face behind Life Story Ceremonies. I'm happy to say that I'm independent of any organization and its requirements which means we can be free of all constraint as we work together to create a special occasion which is utterly unique and individual to you.

My background

I am trained and have more than 15 years' experience as a celebrant at weddings, funerals and other ceremonies. My background gives me insights into, and an appreciation of, the importance of ritual, but rather than be bound by any particular belief system, or ways of expressing spirituality, I prefer the creative and personal freedom which comes from independence. I also believe that this open-minded starting point is better suited to meet your very individual needs.
My approach means we have a completely blank page for us to fill with what feels meaningful to you, and if that includes drawing from another spiritual or cultural tradition that's important to you and your family, we will have the freedom to do that, as well as to mix and blend with other ideas we come up with between us, without any imposed limits. ​

My process

To make sure your special event is fully bespoke to you and to what you are hoping for, I like to spend some time with you, listening to your ideas and to what you want to share from your life story. This enables us to explore what’s important to you and why. This requires careful and empathetic listening skills and an enjoyment of people, free of judgement – qualities and characteristics you can be confident I have because I am also a qualified and practising counsellor.

If you’re interested, you can find out more about that part of my life here. ​
You will get more of an idea about the process for how we would work together by continuing to explore this website, including reading the notes on the Fees page.

Why pick me?

As well as having excellent listening skills and extensive experience, I know that whatever occasion you are planning, you will want it to stand out as individual and personally meaningful and it matters to me, as a matter of integrity, that that is what you get. Working with you on something so vitally important would be a privilege and knowing I’ve met, or better still gone beyond, your expectations is what gives me satisfaction. ​
One way and another, I believe I am uniquely suited to work with you to deliver a special occasion which is memorable for all the right reasons, and one which can go down as a high point in your life story. ​
If, as I hope, you think I might be of help to you, please do get in touch, with no obligation, so that we can have an initial chat and go from there.

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